Basic HLS Player


One time payment. Lifetime license. Free update & support service.

Software Introduction

Video is downloading from source to your server by dividing the download process (for example into 50 parts), by with this action the download speed limit is partially avoided.

The software converting the downloaded codec ready video into m3u8 and ts files in a very short time without any codec conversion.

MP4 videos are deleting after the process is finished to save storage.

On an ideal server, it takes average 30 seconds for 720p, 1-2 minutes or more minutes for 1080p to convert all qualities to m3u8 for 1 video. It may vary depending on the video duration. Also this time may vary depending on your server properties and server source usages.

Main features

  • Supports to download video from Direct Link (video codec must be ready)
  • Has Account LogIn system for Odnoklassniki. It is possible to download copyrighted or hidden videos
  • Has Account Cookie system for Google Drive (they have increased limits)
  • Ability to add stream servers
  • IDM protection (default is activate in during installation)
  • Ability to add subtitles to videos
  • Bulk video add tool.
  • Database/Player and Video Cache system.
  • “Allowed sites” feature and the ability to protect links.
  • Ability to active original embed url immediately in case of a problem with the player.
  • Defination of JW Player settings (logo, subtitle, buttons, vast/preroll etc.)

Extra features

  • Cloudflare CDN Balancer
  • Admin/editor and super editor system in the administration panel.
  • Domains (My Websites) module (with this module, you can define different jwplayer settings to different referrers)
  • Disk selection module
  • Software can be install in separate servers according to your request.

Free services

  • Server setup and optimization are free (up to 2 server) for the first time.
  • IDM protection

Extra paid Services

  • Adding any additional source you want (Only if it is possible)

Basic server requirements (if you want to install it yourself)

  • Nginx or Apache + Rewrite modules
  • PHP 7.2 ~ PHP 7.4 + Ioncube (with activating shell_exec function, deactivating fpm cache if using cPanel)
  • MySQL
  • Ffmpeg

Update and Support

  • Update and Support service is free.
  • Your update service applies only to minor and lower versions of the software you purchased.
  • Customization/Personalization services are not included in the support service.

Important Information

  • The software is domain licensed, the software can’t work in more than one domain. You can purchase additional licenses only if necessary.
  • Domain license is not changing. Have offline key system. There is no have remote control.
  • Script depends to Fire Video Player API service for getting video information. API usage permission is only given to servers installed by us to prevent unlimited use. If you no wanna to be dependent to API system, you can purchase the Advanced version.
  • Except the function files, php codes are fully as editable.
  • The software is installing only on servers whose installation and optimization are provided by us. (If you want to get first setup service [free])
  • Only the requirements and details related to the software installation will be provided. No server setup documentation is provided.
  • Server setup and optimization are free (up to 2 server) for the first time (additional charges will apply if more than one stream server setup is required). If you want more extra server setup and optimization, you can add extra services to your order.
  • Support service is only available for software/server installed by us.


This software is Basic Fire HLS Player. There is only have source difference.

If you have the Google Drive HLS Player or OK.RU HLS Player software, the Basic version can be add to your software for only 50$ cost.