Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The customer cannot claim any rights related to any service offered free of charge.
  • It is up to the seller to make a free service chargeable in the future.
  • If the script delivered with the condition to be used in one place is detected to be used elsewhere, your service will be terminated.
  • If you give the script files to someone else and it is detected, your license will be revoked and your support will be terminated.
  • The seller does not accept any responsibility for any buyer problems that may arise after the sale.
  • The seller cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur with the server.
  • Customization/personalization services are not included in the support service.
  • Do not share any adult video content with support provider. If you do this, your support service will be terminated and you can only benefit from updates.
  • There is no after-sales guarantee regarding the resources supported by the script.
  • The script installation is done free of charge only once, the next installations are paid.
  • Refunds are only possible in case of a critical script problem, if the script cannot be delivered, or in case of similar personal excuses.
  • After the script (license key) is delivered, it is not possible to return it.
  • Free update service is only valid for minor and lower versions of the version of the script you purchased.
  • Your free update and support ends when a higher major version is upgraded.
  • If the additional service purchased requires an update, it will incur additional charges.
  • The licensing system has no connection with the outside. (No possible to change domain)
  • Additional license keys are charged.

You will only have the right to use the product you will buy. You never have the right to copy, distribute (share), reproduce without permission.

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