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One time payment. Lifetime license. Free update & support service.

Software Introduction

This software allows you to organize your embed links.

It not only reports broken resources automatically, also allows you to define multiple resources and easily edit them.

You can deactivate or change the order of the sources in the list at any time without making any changes in the database.

These are the basic features, most of the other features are prepared as a list.

Software Features

  • Protecting source links
    • Video sources are loaded via ajax and console access is blocked. In this way, your video sources are protected.
  • Allowed sites feature
    • With this feature, your embed page of the player can be accessed only through the sites you allow.
  • Alternative source system
    • On the video watch page, a button appears in the upper right corner that allows you to change the source live.
    • You can define specific titles for resources.
  • Automatic source detection system
    • If the source you entered is not embed and url contains MP4/M3U8/DASH, it will be automatically converted to the player.
  • Disabled source system
    • Now you can deactivate non-working video sources (for example, dailymotion.com) without having to delete your video url list (in list, from the database) only through software.
  • Resource sorting system
    • You can put resources in any order for mobile and computer.
  • Broken resource notification system
    • If the video is deleted, automatic transition to the next backup is provided and an notification is created on the panel logs.
  • 3 different cache systems
    • With database cache, player cache, video details cache, the system works completely performance-oriented.
  • Editor system and tools
    • It is possible to define separate authorizations for Editor or Super Editor in the administration panel. While the editor can only edit his own videos, the super editor has authority over all videos. Both can use tools. The admin can edit the panel settings and benefit from the whole system.
    • Batch video adding, batch output, and batch video importing via vidmoly.me are available.
  • Session based video counter system
    • It avoids MySQL bloat and overuse, only adds 1 impression per video.
  • Mobile source system
    • This feature can enable you to identify unimpeded or faster-to-watch resources to mobile-only users.
  • 6 different Video players (for use on your MP4/M3U8/DASH sources)
    • JWPlayer (7 and 8 fully supported), VideoJS, Hola Player (Spark Player), Clappr, Flow Player, Beez Player Pro
    • Enhanced range of JWPlayer settings.
    • Additional improvements implemented for JWPlayer are Subtitle Manager, fast forward & rewind buttons, download button for MP4 source and active quality detail.
    • When the viewer refreshes the page, they can continue the video from where they paused.
  • Ad system dependent on video player
    • You can add your video pre-time/unlimited HTML or XML Vast (including preroll)/Vpaid ads. If you want a smooth ad, it is recommended to use JWPlayer, these features may not work in other players.

Update and Support

  • Update and Support service is free.
  • Your update service applies only to minor and lower versions of the software you purchased.
  • Customization/Personalization services are not included in the support service.

Important Information

  • The software is domain licensed, have offline license key system. No possible to change domain after purchasing.
  • The software is installing as free only on servers whose installation and optimization are ready.
  • No server setup documentation is provided. Only about software installation.txt will be provided.

Requirements ( There is no problem using with any server management panel. )

  • Nginx or Apache + Rewrite modules
  • PHP 7.2 ~ PHP 7.4 + Ioncube
  • MySQL


Telegram: https://t.me/tterdgn

Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/f3emV1x8TrKa

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