Fire HLS Player



This software is Advanced Fire HLS Player. There is have many feature difference.

One time payment. Lifetime license. Free update & support service.

This software has been prepared from scratch and the code structure differs compared to the basic version.

Software Introduction

This software allows you to easily set up and manage your video stream server.

This software, which comes to the fore with support for multiple audio (dubbing) options, provides you with a lot of conveniences and has many features in itself.

You can manually upload your videos or clone the video from any supported source, or download and reprocess the highest quality.

The outsourcing support included in the software allows you to download and operate videos from supported sources or download to the server via a file link without having to upload videos to your server.

The stream is provided through your server. Using either P2P or CDN support is at your discretion. This setting can be changed during installation or later.

Although the panel interface is the same as in our other player software, the background operation and working system have been completely reworked. It took months to prepare and many tests were done on it.

Software Features

  • Multiple resolution renderer (supports 144p~4K).
  • CDN bandwidth balancing, using Cloudflare.
  • Best performance on affordable servers with CDN support.
  • Video quality reducer (saves space).
  • Ability to change the Video ID & M3U8 ID.
  • Automatic video preview image generation.
  • Video preview images on the video timeline.
  • Support for multiple audio ​​(dubbing).
  • Player domain can change from the management panel. (new feature)
  • To be able to parse the desired ones from the defined audio (dubbing) files.
  • Ability to parse the desired ones from the embedded subtitle files.
  • The ability to embed the logo in the desired position in the video.
  • Ability to embed advertisement subtitles in the video.
  • Ability to generate default image.
  • Ability to continue watching from where left off.
  • Ability to include subtitles that are not embedded in the playlist file for applications.
  • Player default audio/subtitle definition feature.
  • Adding a logo (watermark) to the desired position in the video preview image.
  • Ability to define P2P HLS system and custom tracker list.
  • Enhanced range of JW Player settings and features.
  • Advanced Database/Player and Video Cache system.
  • Advanced Multiple JW Player VAST ad system (preroll/midroll/postroll), Pop-Up, Front of Player, and HTML ad space.
  • Easily reproducible and identifiable server system.
  • Session-oriented video counter system.
  • Multiple proxy identification and proxy working status tracking system for resources.
  • Ability to activate and deactivate IDM add-on/program protection at any time.
  • Protections for browser features such as console, AdBlock.
  • “Allowed sites” feature and the ability to protect links.
  • File download system for desired quality or audio (dubbing) videos as a button or directed page. ( Link is protected with TTL and User IP )
  • Multiple sources support (vimeo [instant process with sub qualities.], [instant process only top quality], google cloud, youtube (beta),, google photos).
  • Ability to upload files and create/download only desired qualities.
  • For videos connected to the source system, the ability to cancel cloning and download the highest quality and render video on the server.
  • Ability to easily upload subtitles and embed option on video.
  • Ability to process videos on another server (for example, a render server) and move them back to the broadcast server.
  • Admin/editor and super editor system in the administration panel.
  • To be able to see the logs of the processed videos with errors in the administration panel.
  • Batch video link output and batch Video add tool.
  • Capable of capturing videos from Drive and folders.
  • Server status preview, disk details view, and active connection history.
  • Advanced API system (Add Video / Video Detail / Video Listing).

Update and Support

  • Update and Support service is free.
  • Your update service applies only to minor and lower versions of the software you purchased.
  • Customization/Personalization services are not included in the support service.

Important Information

  • Main (management panel) domain license is not changing. Player domain can change from the management panel.
  • The software is domain licensed, the software can’t work in more than one domain.
  • Except for software configuration files, player/download HTML page, and API files, files are completely encrypted.
  • The software is installing only on servers whose installation and optimization are provided by us. (If you want to get first setup service [free])
  • Only the requirements and details related to the software installation will be provided. No server setup documentation is provided.
  • Server setup and optimization are free (up to 3 server) for the first time (additional charges will apply if more than one stream/encode server setup is required). If you want more extra server setup and optimization, you can add extra services to your order.
  • Support service is only available for software/server installed by us.




Preview details on Office Doc || Detayları Ofis Dökümanı üzerinde inceleyin

If you already have an basic version license, you can purchase version upgrade for your script. Price is only 800$


v1.1 Update Logs (Document)

Important changes about licensing:

    • Management panel (main license) system converted to a license key system that can work offline. it is constant now.
    • Player domain license system has been revoked. (still can working in just one domain. it can be changed from the panel settings page now.)
    • Remote license system has been revoked. now you are free to set up a stream server yourself.
    • The player/assets/scripts.js file will be delivered non-encrypted. so that makes you can improve the player interface as easily.
    • Google drive and api system are included in the script. it no longer connects to the outside. added on/off connection to outside in order to use it in an emergency just in case. default is off.

These mean there is no longer a connection for license or api to the outside. ✔️


    • Permission edit bug (just on editor types, at saving) is fixed
    • Tool page accessing problem by editors is fixed
    • Loader problem in player page is fixed


    • Custom field system have added (modify in /admin/config.php)  also possible to call this fields with player url and possible to add/get videos at api with these fields.  also you can edit value of these fields in video edit/add page.
    • Google drive oAuth system have added for make possible download original video from Google Drive without any limit problem.
    • Category+Subcategory system is have added.
    • Group system applied to cron worker. It makes possible processing multi videos at the same time.
    • AES-128 hls encryption system is have added. You can enable generate a separate key for all segments or a single key for all.
    • Custom audio segment domain system have added  (modify in /player/config.php)
    • Custom file download domain system have added  (modify in /player/config.php)
    • Custom video type system have added (modify in /admin/config.php)
    • Added “select all” button on video list page.


    • Subtitle protection is still in beta
    • Automatic update (manually triggered) system

v1.2 Update Logs (emergency update about (Notice)

    • Some ffmpeg “processing” stuck problem is solved. There was a problem with the ffmpeg version. (Was happening on cloning videos)

v1.3 Update Logs (Document)

    • View history system added to counter system ( Settings > General > View History & Most Viewed )
    • Added the page where you can view the most viewed videos, the total number of views in the last X time can be viewed. The page shows data for the last 1 hour by default. ( Most Viewed )
    • Added transfer system to move video/download files between servers. In addition on the transfer transaction queue list page, the transfer details can be viewed live together with the transaction percentage. (Transfer Queues)
    • Added video priority system ( Settings > Video Settings > Turbo Process )
    • Added backup function for thumbnails generator
    • If the highest resolution of video (for example 1920×800 [800p] ) is not in the resolution list, is resolution and rendition can detected automatically now ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Video > Add top quality )
    • Video renditions definations (codec, bitrate, keyframe, ratio, time) can be edit from management panel. ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Video > Renditions )
    • Audio rendition definations (codec, channels, bitrate, time) can be edit from management panel. ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Audio > Renditions )
    • Aes system can be activate/deactivate from the management panel. ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Other > AES Encryption )
    • If the your file codec is completely ready, in during video encoding you can clone the top resolution to speed up even more. ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Other > Clone top quality)
    • You can active trigger for the cloning top quality system when you want and quality selected. ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Other > Clone selected top quality )
    • Added extra parameters field to run ffmpeg command. Usually recommended for graphic card and compressing clone videos with crf command.
    • Added a “fake quality title” field for has single quality cloned videos. ( Settings > Video Settings > General Settings > Other > Fake quality title )
    • Added “Video Settings -> Multiple Audio and Subtitles -> Extract All Sounds” option for which video uploaders with audio files in many different languages.
    • Added “Video Settings -> Multiple Audio and Subtitles -> Extract All Subtitles” option for which video uploaders with subtitle files in many different languages.
    • Multi Audio system (Sound Extract) has been made dependent on admin option. ( Settings > Video Settings -> Multiple Audio and Subtitles -> Disable Sound Extract )
    • Attachments system have added in to player. ( Settings > Player Settings > General Settings -> Attachment system )
    • Jwplayer stretching field have added. ( Settings > JW Player > Other Settings > Stretching )
    • Added alternative vast option in ad types also vpaid system is changed as basic. (because of some jwplayer bug)
    • Deleting resolutions of the video is possible now, the button in the video list page.
    • The video reset button is active now when video status is progressing also added ffmpeg/nginx/php reset commands to prevent duplicate processes. This will keep server loads good.
    • Fields are added to enable stream or download speed/connection limits on stream servers remotely. ( Settings > Servers > Speed Limits )
    • Added active workers page, you can cancel the process or kill resolution which you want while the video is processing. The cloning is mostly fast if your server resources are not in over usage because of this you might can not see the clone video progresses. ( Active Workers )
    • Added 2 different cold storage systems, first storage and cold storage. 
    • If the system is activated, for example, if the video has not been viewed within 1 hour, it will be moved from server a to server b (from main storage to first storage), if not viewed within 2 hours, it will be moved from server b to server c (from first storage to cold storage).
    • The system only processes according to the time the videos were first added or viewed.
    • If you have an old version and have updated the software, take this into consideration before activating it because it works based on view history, videos no has a view history are automatically added to the transfer queue.
    • A hot storage system has been added for videos that receive a lot of video file download traffic.
    • If the system is activated, it will only move the download files of the video from server a to server b.
    • The system only processes according to the time the videos are first added or downloaded.
    • If the server is full, the files with the least downloads are deleted from the hot storage servers for find empty space for new files.
    • In the video add page, if you leave the server group and disk part blank, it will automatically select a random empty server and disk.
    • Single video m3u8 links are supporting to download now. You can encode or clone the m3u8 link. This is still on development progress, just shared early for those in need. No have support to download from playlist file.
    • Cluster system has been added to server structures. You can create a cluster by defining cluster parent to any server. The video processed in the main group (or in slave server) and then transferring to the cluster members and the video is streamed from the cluster members with balancing the traffic.
    • Auto update tool is shared.